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About Us

In 1983 Debbie Zissman and her mother, Marianne Greenfield, founded Chocolate Designs in Houston, Texas and operated it as such for nearly 20 years. In 1999 Debbie and her husband, Edward, founded DGZ Chocolates which has been in operation continuously since its inception. After selling Chocolate Designs in 2001, we have concentrated our efforts entirely on DGZ Chocolates.

Our signature products include Toffarazzi, Poparazzi, Turtlerazzi and Pecan Perfection. These and many other products are made from only the finest basic ingredients available- rich Swiss-recipe chocolates, freshly roasted nuts, dairy fresh butter and creamy smooth caramel. Incorporating beautifully designed and unique packaging with these wonderful confections insures that the entire product line will continue to be popular favorites.

DGZ Chocolates prides itself in providing top-notch service along with its unique and tasty products, bringing customers back year after year.